Free delivery if you order over $60 (before tax); under $60 delivery charge is $7. Minimum order for delivery is $30 (before tax). Check our delivery area.

Lunch Specials ($11.95) (excl. holidays) (Mon – Fri only 11:30 AM – 3 PM)

Menu Choices

Served  with either option:
A) Vegetable spring roll & soup of the day or
B) House salad

Substitute to Shrimp $3.
Substitute to Coconut or Sticky rice $1.50


Cashew Nut Chicken with jasmine rice


Garlic Beef with jasmine rice


Pineapple Chicken Curry with jasmine rice


Chicken Green Curry with jasmine rice


Mixed Vegetable (oyster sauce) with jasmine rice


Sweet and Sour Chicken with jasmine rice


Pad Kee Mao Noodle with beef


Pad Thai Noodle with chicken


Menu Choices

Appetizer Platter

Combination of calamari, spring rolls (2), shrimp rolls (2), chicken satays (2) and cold roll (2) served with homemade peanut sauce, sweet & sour sauce and hoisin sauce.



Skewers of grilled chicken marinated with spiced coconut curry sauce served with peanut sauce and sweet & sour sauce.



Vegetarian Satays (Not Available)

Skewers of marinated grilled tofu, red peppers, white mushrooms, pineapple, tomatoes, green pepper and onion served with peanut sauce.

Rice Balls

Deep fried rice balls filled with Thai jasmine rice and mixed in a Thai curry paste, lime leaves, ginger and served with sweet & sour sauce.


Veggie Spring Rolls

Crispy fried rolls stuffed with carrot, bamboo shoot and cabbage served with sweet and sour sauce.


Shrimp Rolls

Deep-fried tiger shrimp, seasoned with garlic, peper and wrapped in pastry sheet served with sweet & sour


Crab Lagoon

Deep-fried Thai pastries filled with imitation crab stick and cream cheese in Thai style served with sweet & sour sauce.



Deep fried coated squid with spiced flour and served with Thai chilli sweet sauce.


Chicken Wings

Deep-fried chicken wings served with sweet & sour sauce.


Cold Rolls

Delicately wrapped with pineapple, coriander, carrots, tofu, lettuce, and red peppers served with sweet & sour sauce and hoisin sauce.


Hot & Sour Soup

Temperature rising! Thai hot and sour soup has a combination of tofu, egg, bamboo shoots.


Snow Coconut Soup

Coconut soup flavoured with white mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and vegetables. Famously known for its tantalizing and creamy Thai herbs.

Vegetable/Chicken $6.95; Shrimp/Seafood $7.95

Lemongrass Spring Soup

Classic Thai’s Tom Yum Goong soup with lemongrass, lime leaves, shrimp paste, fresh chilies, mushrooms, tomatoes, spring onions and vegetables.

Vegetable/Chicken $6.95; Shrimp/Seafood $7.95

Golden Pumpkin Soup

Fresh pumpkin puree soup with a touch of fresh basil.


Thai Tossed Salad

Green salad topped with head lettuce, beansprouts, crispy fried tofu, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots and fresh sliced pineapple dressed with homemade spicy peanut sauce dressing.


Beef Salad

Grilled beef tossed with cucumbers, onions, red peppers, carrots and tomatoes mixed with spicy and sour lemon dressing.



Green Papaya Salad

The slightly tart flavor of green papaya combines well with red chilies, lime juice, peanuts and sweetness of sugar. It is low-calories and very nutritious.


Mango Salad

Fresh mango, onions, cashew nut, red peppers, carrots and lemon juice dressing.


From the Wok

Menu Choices

Garlic Sauce

Marinated meat stir fried in a special garlic sauce with black peppers, broccoli, carrots, onion and Chinese broccoli.

Tofu/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Spicy Thai Style Sauce

Stir fried with green beans, sweet peppers, carrot, broccoli and basil leaves in Thai style red sauce.

Tofu/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Ginger Sauce

Stir fried meat with ginger, mushrooms, onions, sweet peppers, carrots, broccoli and nappa.

Tofu/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Basil Sauce

Stir fried sweet peppers, long beans, carrots, broccoli and onion in spicy basil sauce.

Tofu/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Sweet and Sour Sauce

Tofu/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Traditional ingredients of curry paste are garlic, shallots, chillies, galangal, shrimp paste, salt, kaffir lime peel, and lemongrass.

Yellow Chicken Curry

A combination of Thai yellow curry paste with coconut milk, chicken, potatoes, sweet peppers and carrots.


Vegetable Curry

Mixed vegetables in red or green curry sauce with green beans, tofu, broccoli, carrot, peppers, bamboo shoot and sweet basil leaves.


Beef Massaman

Tender beef in coconut milk and a thick curry with tamarind juice, white potatoes, roasted peanuts, carrots, sweet peppers, red onions and fried shallot.


Pineapple Chicken Curry

Try something new! Chicken in coconut milk served with pineapple, carrot, and sweet pepper.


Red or Green Curry

Red or green chilies paste in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, carrots, sweet peppers, basil leaves and green beans.

Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Panang Curry

A sweeter and milder Thai curry with a distinctly unique flavor from the addition of kaffir lime leaves, peanut and panang curry paste.

Chicken/Beef $14.95; Shrimp $15.95

Ocean Heaven

Menu Choices

Baked Young Coconut Seafood

Stir fried mixed seafoods, sweet basil, lime leaves, broccoli, red pepper, nappa, coconut milk, baked with curry in coconut shell.


Chili Basil Salmon

Grilled salmon topped with a Thai chili basil sauce, onions, basil leaves with sweet peppers. Served with a side of mango salad.


Shu Shi Curry Fish

Salmon covered with coconut milk in red curry with sweet peppers. Served with a side of mango salad.


Mango Salmon

Grilled Salmon covered with delicious fresh mangoes,spring onions,sweet peppers and carrots in a mango sauce. Served with a side of mango salad.



Menu Choices

Pad See Ew

Stir fried big flat rice noodle with eggs, Chinese broccoli, carrots and broccoli in soy sauce. Wonderful smoked taste.

Vegetable/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Chicken&Veggie/Chicken&Shrimp $14.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Pad Kee Mao

Spicy lover must try! Stir fried big flat rice noodle with eggs, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, green onion, long bean, carrot and broccoli in spicy basil sauce.

Vegetable/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Chicken&Veggie/Chicken&Shrimp $14.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Pad Thai

No one can serve Pad Thai like us! Stir fried Thai rice noodle sautéed with egg, tofu, bean sprouts, dry radish, green onion and homemade tamarind sauce served with roasted grounded peanuts on the side.

Vegetable/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Chicken&Veggie/Chicken&Shrimp $14.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Curry Pad Thai

Stir-fried rice noodles with tofu, egg, beansprouts, green onion, dry radish and curry sauce. Served with roasted grounded peanuts on the side.

Vegetable/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Chicken&Veggie/Chicken&Shrimp $14.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Fried Rice

Menu Choices

Pineapple Fried Rice

Stir fried jasmine rice with eggs, freshly cut pineapple, roasted cashew nuts, carrots, onion, sweet peppers and broccoli.

Vegetable/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Thai Style Fried Rice

Our authentic house style fried rice uses jasmine rice stir-fried with onion and Chinese broccoli with added slices of tomato and eggs.

Vegetable/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Lemongrass Fried Rice (Tom Yum Fried Rice)

Authentic Thai fried rice includes lemongrass, spring onion, sweet pepper, lime leaves, galangal, carrot and broccoli. Tom Yum recipe not only is tasty but it is also healthy!

Vegetable/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Basil Fried Rice

This dish is cooked by the concentration of many different kinds of herbs and ingredients. Jasmine rice stir fried with eggs, spring onion, sweet pepper, sweet basil leaves and chilies.

Vegetable/Chicken/Beef $13.95; Shrimp/Seafood $15.95

Coconut Rice $2.95
Sticky Rice $2.95
Jasmine Steamed Rice $2.50
Steamed Noodles $2.95
$1.50 Additional Charge To Substitute

Veggie Lover

Menu Choices

Mixed Vegetables

Mixed seasonal vegetable stir fried including carrots, broccoli, nappas, green beans, mushrooms, tofu, sweet peppers and ginger in special house sauce.


Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce

Chinese broccoli stir fried with broccoli, carrots and mushrooms in oyster sauce.



Eggplant Delight

Eggplant stir fried with tofu, basil leave, sweet peppers and spring onion in chili garlic sauce.


Steamed Veggies with Peanut Sauce

Tender vegetables — broccoli, sweet peppers, carrots, green beans, mushrooms, tofu, ginger and onion — with our authentic Thai peanut sauce.

Small $7.95; Large $13.95


Menu Choices

BBQ Chicken

Marinated and grilled sliced chicken breast with garlic and lemongrass served with coleslaw and Thai sweet & sour sauce.


BBQ Beef

Marinated and grilled beef served with coleslaw and sweet & sour sauce on the side.


Chef Recommended

Menu Choices

Cashew Nuts

Stir fried with sweet peppers, spring onions, oranges, cashew nuts, carrots, broccoli and chilies in a Thai cashew sauce (shrimp paste).

Chicken/Tofu $13.95; Shrimp $15.95

Mango Sauce

Stir fried with sweet peppers, carrots, green onions, broccoli and mango in a special mango sauce.

Chicken/Tofu $13.95; Shrimp $15.95

Crispy Garlic Chilli

Crispy lightly battered fried chicken or shrimps sautéed in a rich chili garlic sauce with onion, carrots, sweet peppers and broccoli.

Chicken/Tofu $13.95; Shrimp $15.95

Beef with Oyster Sauce

Sliced beef with freshly prepared mushrooms, green onions, sweet peppers and broccoli in oyster sauce.



Menu Choices

Fried Banana or Pineapple

Served with chocolate syrup, honey and ice cream.


Mango Sticky Rice (Seasonal)

Sticky rice combined with coconut milk, served with sweet mango.


Ice Cream Scoop


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